As of 10am UTC, approximately, the streams are now having the same issue as last week.

Since we already have a case opened with our Content Delivery Network about last weeks issue this should hopefully resolve itself more quickly.

The technical description is that the our encoders are pushing content to the Content Delivery Network just fine it's the returning confirmations to the encoders that is not working. This is due to the return route being erroneous - it's currently routing traffic from Manila in the Philippines over California and Washington instead of direct to Manila where the encoders are.

2020-03-12 2pm UTC

A very big network problem was resolved today that created issues for us in regards to the live streams.

Unfortunately when that problem was resolved another issue appeared and is now being handled by our content delivery network. 

We are truly sorry for the issues and we hope to have them resolved, permanently, as soon as possible.

2020-03-13 2pm UTC

The new issue has been resolved and we are continuing working on making a permanent solution to make the streams more stable. As of this time the streams are up and working and we'll continue monitoring them as per usual.

2020-03-20 10am UTC

We are seeing intermittent issues on the streams and are looking to see if we can resolve them without physical presence in Manila. We are trying to resolve them remotely as there is a quarantine in effect in Metro Manila which means that, at current, nobody can physically visit the servers and network-devices so we are keeping our fingers crossed we can resolve it without human physical intervention.

2020-03-22 1pm UTC

We currently see GMA Pinoy TV coming out ok as we have shut down the other for now. We'll be bringing GMA Life TV back first as GMA is currently not producing GMA News TV (will be back shortly)

2020-03-22 2.30pm UTC

All three channels are live now even though GMA Life TV and GMA News TV has a bit lesser quality while we see if the issue re-appears. We certainly hope not but based on history we won't say it's "all clear" until we've seen it working for more than 72-96 hours. Do note that GMA News TV is currently, by GMA, replaced by content from GMA Pinoy TV due to quarantine but it will, hopefully, come back as GMA News TV shortly.

2020-03-24 7am UTC

Unfortunately channels are down again and we are investigating the cause. 

2020-03-24 noon UTC

Now we hope we've ironed out any issues. It feels like we have had every conceivable problem that can happen happen. 

We certainly hope not but based on history we won't say it's "all clear" until we've seen it working for more than 72-96 hours - all streams are currently up and all qualities on those is running as intended. 

If you still have issues please contact for assistance. Prior to doing so please visit this technical info collection page push the bandwidth test button and then when it's finished, in the email you send to us, include the ID number from the top-row of the page - or a screenshot of the page in question.