2019-10-05: Due to technical issues the GMA Live Streams are currently not available - we are aware of the issue and engineers in Manila are working on resolving the issue. The Catchup VOD for GMA Pinoy Pack is unaffected.

2019-10-08: Engineers have localized the issue and are working on resolving the matter. We hope to be live soon. The Catchup VOD for GMA Pinoy Pack is unaffected are being processed as if they would have been live.

2019-10-09 10:00 CET: Engineers have fixed the issue and we are back liveĀ 

2019-10-09 13:00 CET: Issue re-appeared and engineers are again working on the final resolution

2019-10-10 08:00 CET: Issue has not been prevalent since last night. We are continually monitoring to see that it does not reappear. Please do report if you experience issues. We do restart streams at midnight and noon PHT where there may be short downtimes.