Time: 18.48 PHT

We seem to be experiencing network issues between ESPN 5 and our streaming facilities.

Our engineering team as well as the team from ESPN 5 is looking into this issue but, at current, we do not know

when this can be resolved.

We'll update here when we get more information

Time: 19:07 PHT

We are rebooting encoders and parts of the network to see if it resolves anything before the next game starts.

Time: 19:39 PHT

Issues are ongoing but we have a backupstream in place - please contact support@mavshack.com for your personal URL if you have over 2 mbit/s connectivity (requirement)

Time: 20:44 PHT

Games 1 and 2 have been converted to replay and are now available.

Time: 2019-03-13 11:37 CET 

The issue has been escalated to top level support at streaming network and they are investigating with ESPN 5 -- we hope it will not reappear during tomorrows games but we can't be certain until we see it doing so. This status well be updated in such cases.

Time: 2019-0321 08:59 CET

As far as the above issues we see them as resolved. The problem has, according to our providers, been resolved and it should not re-appear but if it does please do report it as soon as possible.