If you have issues with either our website and/or the streaming of video from our website or in our apps we will, most likely, be asking you to visit two websites to provide us with some added information, so if you visit them before contacting us and provide us with the information requested in the initial contact we will be quicker in resolving issues for you.

Visit these sites and follow the instructions here:

1. Visit http://www.mavshack.com.t1.re - when you arrive there will be a button to test speed - click on that and let it finish it's test. After that copy the URL from your address-bar and send it to us in the email or ticket you are opening with us here on the website.

2. Visit https://www.whatismybrowser.com and in the top part of the webpage you will see and instruction that says: "share your system info with tech support" the address below that looks like this example: whatismybrowser.com/w/XA5L6QE and send that address together with the above address.

If you provide us with these data when contacting us we will have a lot of data to find what your issue might be. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.