What kind of content can I find on Mavshack.com?
Mavshack.com offers entertainment content such as feature films, concerts and music. New content are published on a weekly basis. 

Which videos can I watch in HD?
Mavshack.com is working around the clock to provide a broad range of HD films. 

Can I request new titles for Mavshack.com? 
Yes. Your feedback is an important part in helping us to improve the service for you. If you'd like to suggest or request a film, you can do so opening a so called ticket here at Mavshack Support.

How often do you release new content on Mavshack.com?
The Mavshack.com team works continuously to extend the existing catalogue, so there is no specific time when new content is published. We keep our registered users updated through newsletters.

How do I know if a movie is appropriate for a child to watch?
All our movies are rated according the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (Lupon sa Pagrerepaso at Pag-uuri ng Sine at Telebisyon; abbreviated as MTRCB). The rating provides parents with information about the content of movies to help them determine what movies are appropriate for their children at any age. After all, parents are best suited to knowing each of their children’s individual sensitivities and sensibilities to pick movies for them.