GMA Livestream upgrades May 17th to 27th

GMA livestreams are being upgraded

In an effort to better the quality of the livestreams from GMA to mavshack.com and our apps we are doing upgrades between 2022-05-17 and 2022-05-27.

This can and most likely will require short downtimes where we have to upgrade hardware and make changes to configurations.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we hope that you can accept this while we make improvements to both connectivity and quality of the streams coming out of the Philippines.

May 18 07:26 UTC
We are upgrading systems and the video is stretched and skewed.

May 18 07:36 UTC
Upgrade completed and videos are back to "normal".

May 18 07:50 UTC
We are adding features to the streams which will make it possible, in the future, to rewatch a few days back. Due to this we will be sufferings from intermittent outages for an hour or two while we make those changes. We are sorry for any inconveniences created due to this.

May 18 08:40 UTC
Above mentioned features has been added on the servers and the work should now be completed. We are continuing to monitor the streams to make sure that no changes makes for any continuing issues. Please do report issues you may be facing to support@mavshack.com so we can see if they are related.