GMA Live Streams 2022-03-08 and onward

We are currently experiencing network issues with our ISP in Metro Manila.
The ISP is investigating the issue and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

We'll update here when we have something new to report.

2022-03-08 18:30 GMT
Streams seems to be back now after contacting our network operations center. We'll continue monitoring to see if it re-appears.

2022-03-08 21:00 GMT
Streams are again offline. We are talking to network engineers and hope they can resolve the issues in Manila.
Due to the timezone differences there may be some delay in getting this fixed - especially in case there are hardware issues that needs to be resolved physically.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

2022-03-09 06:00 GMT
Streams seem to be back and our staff on the ground reports that the main issue is rolling blackouts. Staff is working on the problem and hopefully it should not appear again (depending on the blackouts of course).

We'll keep monitoring the streams.

2022-03-12 13:25 GMT
Some ups and downs going on right now. We got a satellite notice from GMA noting us there could be issues. We're monitoring and trying to keep stuff up as long as possible.

We're closely monitoring and fixing as soon as humanly possible if issues arise.