GMA Live Stream Issues 2021-05-19

2021-05-19 08:00 UTC/GMT
we are having issues with live streams coming out of of Manila PH.
We are investigating the issue and have located the main problem and are now trying to resolve the issues as fast as possible.

2021-05-19 14:00 UTC/GMT
We have resolved the issues but are continuing to monitor if they should reappear.

2021-05-20 15:00 UTC/GMT
We are seeing a reoccurrence of the issues, but on another part of the system in Manila.
Engineers are trying to resolve the issues as soon as possible.
Channels are working and not working intermittently at the moment.

2021-05-21 06:00 UTC/GMT
We've switched networks in the production area and it seems to have resolved the issues. We are continuing the heightened monitoring to see if something re-appears.

2021-05-21 10:00 UTC/GMT
We are still seeing issues on GMA Pinoy TV currently. GMA News TV and GMA Life TV are working.

2021-05-22 09:00 UTC/GMT
Update - there is an issue with the receiver that provides us with GMA Pinoy TV from GMA. Engineers are trying to resolve it as soon as possible but with this type of issue it can, unfortunately, take some time to resolve if we have to replace the hardware - we are checking if it's possible without doing so.

2021-05-23 02:35 UTC/GMT
Receiver has been fixed and GMA Pinoy TV is back to normal. We'll continue monitoring as per normal and will keep this status updated in case it would start misbehaving again.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please do report to support@mavshack.com if you are having issues at this time

We'll update this status if/when we have any updates - or if we go back to normal monitoring we'll close the status.